The still life has always held a fascination for me because of the endless possibilities it presents for a creative mind and an active imagination.

My still lifes are glimpses into a world which is unique and exists only in the paintings themselves. They have been called surreal but I see them more as metaphysical, a place just beyond physical reality. Sometimes, I will add a bird, frog, insect or lizzard to create a “not so sitll life.”

I have always been interested in Dutch still life painting which often depicts insects and small animals along with gorgeous flowers, luscious fruit and sometimes dead birds or rabbits. My other influence would be Trompe l’oeil painting or that which ‘fools the eye.” I have worked for years to perfect my ability to create convincing illusions, while maintaining the integrity of the brush stroke, so that the viewer can be reminded that after all, it is still a painting.

I hope you enjoy viewing these paintings as much as I enjoyed painting them.